The Best Laser Level Reviews In 2019

Looking for a top performer laser level that can make your expectation? If yes; then you have come to the right place. In a word, the market is flooded with laser level options to choose from, which makes the selection process quite a daunting task. The best laser level will be useful for you to find perfect tools for both interior and exterior tasks.

The laser level is now used to improve the human life. Laser technology is used even in school and colleges; there are not many parts of our lives which are not touched by the laser technology. A laser level is one of the best things that happened in the construction business. However, today we are going to discuss some of the most amazing features and benefits of this laser level. So let’s get a start.

What is a Laser Level?

Generally speaking, Laser levels are used for big commercial projects these days. It came out on the market only a couple of years ago. But since it established itself as an effective tool so people got interested in it and it became popular within a short time. If something makes their job easier, so appreciate them. Laser levels are not harmful to the body at all. There is a misconception that it’s dangerous.

There is no need to draw rough lines with Chalk on the wall. It’s almost impossible for the human being for mark a completely straight line. Laser level makes a perfect straight-line with light, and it holds the light until your job is done.

Why are people talking about laser level?

No matter what you are doing, be it fixing something or building, the first thing you need to do is to measure the thing correctly. Otherwise, you will not be able to make it in the right size. Now humans may try their best, but it is almost impossible for them to draw a perfectly straight line. The process is also lengthy, and this is why doing the lines manually most of the time would delay the project. If you are in the construction business, then you must know that how difficult the manually marking thing was, you almost wished that you had three hands to do the job right.

Now with the invention of laser level tools, one can mark the accurate point where they need to install the thing almost anywhere. It is great for doing window’s frame, fireplace, doors, or wall shelves. Thanks to the laser levels now constructions work is becoming much quicker and easier. Laser level gives an accurate signal and even the clients these days ask the home builders if they are using laser level markers to do all the marking or not.

Laser level also made the job easier for people at home. Now you do not need to call a guy to put a shelf on the wall rightly. You can do that all by yourself too. People are finding out how easy the use of laser levels is. But the main reason behind laser level being the talk of the town will be the fact that now laser levels are available at the much lower price. They are now also very small in size. So if you can get a tool that is easy to store and costs you less than $50, then how could you resist yourself from buying that.

Factors to think before buying the laser level

There are people who also think that if two products come in the same price range, then definitely these two have the same capabilities. But the biggest mistakes they make that all laser levels are not the same.

Although laser level isn’t a huge mandatory tool, yet for better performance, you should consider something. There are plenty of benefits, features, some of them you need and other you don’t. Completing the following criteria will help you to get the finest spotting scope

Laser Level Tripod: A great level tripod will make your work experience much better. So keep your eyes on it.

Waterproof: One of the must-have features is this water resistance. If your laser level is waterproof, you can use it in any condition.

Laser durable: More than anything makes sure your laser is durable as well as sturdy.

Battery: As its tools that have to carry a lot, so batteries are the key factor.

Laser brand and price: Don’t waste your valuable penny for something cheap, ensure it worth it.

Weight and Durability:When you buy your laser level make sure you pick the right with proper size and weight. Generally speaking, these things are pretty heavy, and you have to carry a lot. So choose wisely, something that is well shaped by size and lightweight as well.

Customer Support and Warranty: The fact is that these laser levels are expensive and you have to spend a decent amount of money to buy it. So put your penny on something worthy and get a good warranty. That means the company will take care of it under a certain period and give support if needed.

Recommended Ten Best Laser Level- Our Top Selection

As the laser level is a useful tool for various purposes, different brand tends to release hundred of laser level every year. They come with different features and benefit from various uses. Due to the various range of production, you may not decide what is best for you. Don’t worry! We do that research work for you. However, we recommended top rated laser levels that will able to fulfill your requirement. So have a look at our top 10 selection.

#01 DeWalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross Line

best laser level for builders

If you are one of those who is looking for best laser levels for electricians and outdoor use, DeWalt DW088K Self-Leveling Cross-Line is the great choice for you.  The Laser level can be used for a lot of things around the home. The signal light can work up to 50 feet which is another plus point of this laser level. The magnet is very strong. The greatest part, however, is that you can set it up on your own, no hard assemble is required.

The first feature we would like to mention is its self-leveling feature which is pretty accurate and fast. At the same time, 4 degrees surface angle is just suitable for both indoor and outdoor project. The dimension is 9.2” x 4.5” x 9.5” with 3.2 pounds in weight which is extremely lightweight. When it comes to the batteries, it can last up to 20 hours of working time.

Being built-in magnetic pivot, it can easily be placed on any surface. Also, it is perfect for lying out of staircases, cabinets, and floor or maybe wall tiles. You can also use it in leveling.  Furthermore, 3 AA batteries power supply is used it.  Debris resistant and IP54 water make this laser very durable. So you can use it for your outdoor project location.

Thanks to its two-button operation! The combination of low- battery indication and two-button operation makes it super eases to use. The ±1/8 inch at 30 feet is pretty accurate for cross line laser. The thick glass shields with over-molded housing maintain calibration under a rough or harsh condition in the construction site. More than anything, this cross line laser comes with a kit box which is great for the store and gives it protection.

  • It comes with affordable price.
  • This laser is a user-friendly tool.
  • Extra flashing indicator.
  • Easier manipulation
  • It can be used in both indoor and outdoor.
  • Though it is designed for both indoor and outdoor, the laser may not be as bright in outdoor.

This DeWalt Self-Leveling Cross-Line is one of the best lasers from many aspects. Searching for a quality laser? Then you can easily rely on this.

#02 Johnson Level and Tool 40-0921 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser Level

best rotary laser level reviews

If you want the best rotary laser level, you have come to the right place. The Johnson Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System is the right solution for you. Johnson always surprises everyone in the marketplace by bringing interesting innovation. Without any doubt, Johnson-Level-Tool-99-006K-Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System is one of their finest lasers with great power as well as functionality. As a result, it’s well reviewed by professional and contractor.

The first feature we like to mention is its high-end rotary laser level. At the same time, AA batteries of 4 standards are used in this laser.  AA batteries are eventually convenient and suitable in the budget even in the long project. But you are planning to use the laser on a daily basis, and then you have to set of rechargeable AAs which are pretty costly.  The lifespan of the battery is around 20 hours so that you can use in outdoor for a couple of days.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a rotate laser. It can rotate at 200, 400, 600 RPM as well as Self-leveling in the horizon. The locking mechanism is used in this laser which protects inner pendulum. In the manual-leveling, it can rotate in 90 degrees at the vertical plane. The laser pendulum comes with three-speed settings. It’s not a common feature in most of the laser on the market today. The light is pouring out at 635 nm that is perfect for red beam.

It is really cheap and that is why most people who are just starting out in home building business get one of this. At the first look, many may believe that this tool is not capable of doing any heavy duty job like installing ceiling and similar stuff but if you know how to use a laser level well then you can do almost anything using this product. Keep in mind, as its Class III laser so you should be careful to protect skin, eyes and combustible materials.

  • Affordable price for rotary laser level with such amazing features, definitely worth every penny.
  • Compact kit with all the accessories and stuff you need.
  • Designed as Variable laser rotation for speed.
  • The battery life is pretty short, may back up for 20 hours.

In summary, for amazing performance in the indoor and professional work, there can be nothing comparable than this. So, click here for the further experience.

#03 DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

best laser level for hanging pictures

Looking for the best laser level for builders? Nothing could be better than DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser. The DEWALT DW089K designed by 90 Degree Layout or intersecting line on both ceiling and the floor.

At the same time, we love the 3-beam laser beam which is great for metallic surfaces as well as amazingly flexible. That makes it useful for wall map also. More than anything, this model from DEWALT comes with 165-Foot Range and laser detector. Furthermore, full-time pulse mode is great for combining laser to those 165 feet.

The 1-3/4 inches lessens track clearance is an extra added advantage which improves the laser capability. It’s just 4.7 pounds with the accuracy level of +/- 1/8in which works great for the lay outing. And you know what! The metallic case makes it extra durable and gives great protection. The next features we would like to mention is its single- button operating system. This makes it super easy to operate the control panel. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly which can be accessible to all feature of the machine.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who is stretching with many cables, this one is the best solution for you. As it is capable of utilizing the batteries, there is no need to use the power cable. The best feature of this model is 4 AA batteries which can be last up to 3o hours. Furthermore, it can reach within 30 feet that is pretty enough for single measurement.

  • Flexible as well as multifunctional
  • An excellent brighter diode of 2 times
  • Comes with easier functions.
  • Power saving
  • With an accuracy of margin and distance
  • Visually strength
  • A little bit heavy
  • Magnets can’t meet the expectation.

The DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling comes with some noteworthy features such as versatility, durability, and precision to confirm that it’s one of the best laser for leveling.

#04 Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser with Clamp

best laser level for electricians

Here is another laser level review. Hammerhead comes with one of the top laser levels for the homeowner in the market today. Moreover, Hammerhead is a trustworthy company in the industry. When it comes to the quality range, Hammerhead paved the way. This Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is self-leveling.

The best feature is adjustable mounting clamp which is three levels: vertical, horizontal or cross line. It means you can easily adjust it. The best thing about this laser is its self-leveling, and when it comes to 4 degrees of level, the indicator LED will turn red. In the manual mode, it can be set in project line which requires them. On the other hand, adjustable mounting clamp makes it flexible on all surfaces.

With the dimension of 2.2 x 3 x 3.4 inches, it’s not very heavy. Furthermore, the mounting clamp makes it more versatile and easy-to-adjust. The 2AA batteries give it’s an impressive lifespan. Moreover, it may serve up to 15 hours which is enough for indoor use like household works. More than anything, this laser comes with a compact kid including:

  • AA Batteries
  • Adjustable Mounting Clamp
  • Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser
  • A manual instruction

One of the key features we liked about this product is accuracy fact of +/- ¼ inch at 30 feet and with the three-degree angle. On the other hand, the HAMMERHEAD gives three years warranty so you can replace or repair if it needs any maintenance.

  • This laser works pretty well from a long distance.
  • It comes with Sturdy Mounting Clamp.
  • The clamp has four different key points of articulation.
  • The level is also extremely durable.
  • Not suitable for adjusting height changes.
  • A bit difficult to open the Mounting Clamp.

Considering durability and stability, this is one of the best lasers of all the time. Need such a laser? Then pick this right here.

#05 Bosch Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser

best laser level for tiling walls

With the help of an excellent laser level, your working experience will be comfortable and quicker. Bosch GLL 55 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser is one of the top rated laser levels with less effort. Bosch is one of the biggest names when it comes to Laser levels. They make the best laser when it comes to user-friendly laser levels. Let’s have an insight.

The Bosch GLL 55 features three different modes including horizontal, vertical, and cross-line. It is also capable of projecting two projects together or differently for leveling application and wide array of alignment. Being updated VisiMax technology, it allows being amazing line visibility even in rough condition. The VisiMax is monitoring the laser temperature constantly so that it ensures maximum brightness. It also gives protection from overheating. The Bosch GLL 55 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser has come with a compact kit including.

  • Laser target plate
  • AA batteries
  • Magnetic mounting bracket
  • Hard carry case
  • And the laser level

The visibility of laser line is approximately 50 ft and with the accuracy of ±1/8-Inch. At the same time, smart pendulum system works great for accurate layout and gives warning in out-of-level condition. It also secures the pendulum after switched off for safe and secure transport.

There are some simple buttons that need to press to get the job done. To work with this device, you do not really need to know a lot of things about the tool; even the children can use it. The tool weights only 1.6 lbs. The product is self-leveling and gives the workers accurate marks every time. The signal it creates is very powerful and holds strong on the wall.

  • More productive at the same time more profitable.
  • A wide variety of uses or application.
  • It comes with outstanding visibility.
  • This laser level ensures Layout efficiency.
  • The size is a bit big to carry.
  • Difficult to adjust the laser head.

To ease your work with minimum effort, nothing can be better than this laser level. However, it’s a great laser level at a reasonable price.

#06 PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level

best green laser level

If you want something fast, portable and accurate in one laser, then PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level by Pacific Laser Systems is a perfect addition to your toolbox. There are many features available in this laser. First of all, the dimension of these tools is 2 x 2-7/8 x 3-3/8 inches and just over 1.7 pounds. So literally, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Furthermore, it comes with a hard-shell carrying case that works to secure from any rough reality on site or construction. This laser designed with three standard AA-sized batteries. And the best feature is it can run up to 30 hours. The tools included with the laser are also maintaining a strict quality.

More than anything, it’s an all in all tools for a plumber, carpenter, HVAC specialist, or general contractor. You wonder how it is possible! Well, it’s a time consuming essential tools for all construction sites and project without any complication.

On the other hand, for outdoor use up to 200 feet, this laser is effective in bright condition as well as in long distance. It is accurate within 1/8-inch over 30 feet. Moreover, it’s the best laser level for hanging pictures in our best laser list.

  • This laser is brighter at the same time efficient.
  • It is less bulky.
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Time saver performance.
  • Error free.
  • Not perfect for long distance range.
  • Batteries are not long lasted.

The square laser line is a time saver. Moreover, it’s a simple solution for you if you target for short and mid-range layout task for both interior and exterior even in the toughest situation on site.

#07 Tracklife Self-Leveling Laser Level

best green line laser level

The Tracklife Self-Leveling Laser Level is one of the classic laser levels which provide better productivity in your workplace or construction site. Unlike other laser levels of Track life, it comes with great quality for professional performance.

The first features we liked most of the laser level is its smart system that makes your work easier. It is self-level which means it will indicate the out-of-level condition. The best thing is it locks automatically when you switch off it. The laser gives 360° horizontal plane for aligning; plumb applications all around the room. The magnetic l mount feature of this laser level is a plus point that allows rotating it 360-degree horizontally. It also comes with standard tripod thread.

The next noticeable thing is its versatile use. This model from Tracklife is flexible for both indoor and outdoor situations. The two switchable pulse modes is also an added advantage for safe to use. The feature pendulum lock protects the sensitive component for safe transport. The combination of IP54 waterproof with dust-proof makes it super for hazardous circumstances.

On the other hand, the carrying case is large enough to carry the included mount and works well for the mount. It also protects from the duct and gives protection. In case of low battery, the beam will be dimmed.

  • It is extremely sturdy.
  • This laser has versatile uses.
  • It Works quickly.
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • Not great for outdoor uses and construction projects.
  • Beams couldn’t meet the expectation.

Looking for a laser level for DIY Projects and home improvement? Then Tracklife Laser Level is far ahead of rest of the other on the market.

#08 Black & Decker BDL190S BullsEye Auto-Leveling Interior Line Laser

best laser level for homeowner

Looking for best laser level under 100? The Black & Decker BullsEye Auto-Leveling Interior Line Laser looks like the other laser levels, but this one has its significant features and benefit that set it apart from rest of the others laser level on the market.

The best features of this laser level are it supports 2 AA batteries. So if the batteries get exhausted, easily you can charge even by a TV remote control. This laser level is specially designed for interior uses. So for hanging a picture or new shelves, it works great for exactly horizontally line. All you need is to fit on the wall. So it’s very popular among DIY and interior designer which gives a professional performance.

The auto-leveling technology is used in this laser level. The measurement is 10 x 8 x 1.5 inches with the weight of 2.4 pounds. It comes with two tools in one to hang as well mounting projects. The best part is it levels automatically. The stud sensor detects metal and wood studs. As this laser level is self-leveling, it’s easy to read by LCD.

More than anything, Black & Decker provides two years limited warranty. So if you thought laser level under 100 dollars means low-quality laser, you were absolutely in wrong way. Moreover, it’s a reliable laser level at an affordable range.

  • It is a user-friendly laser level.
  • Can stripe accurately and horizontally.
  • It comes with a compact kit including all the necessary stuff.
  • Perfect tools for all interior uses.
  • The hole is little small to mark.
  • It comes without carrying case.

In a word, the best cross line laser level is great for working at home. It’s convenient and durable. On the other hand, Black & Decker never compromised about quality.

#09 Firecore F112R Self-Leveling Laser Level

best cross line laser level

Firecore Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level is an ideal tool a great leveling application for multiple tasks. Our review will give you a clear concept about some awesome benefits features of this laser level. It is a fully functional laser which ensures exact vertical and horizontal lines. It may use for any special installation at the same time other DIY projects. The laser level also works great for home renovation, and improvement works.

The gorgeous yellow laser level is pretty lightweight with just 10.6 ounces which makes it compact ease to use tools. It’s a self-leveling laser that is powered by 2 AA batteries. The total dimension is 3.1 x 2.2 x 3.5 inches. The beam will flash automatically whenever you are out of its range. If you want to use the slope mode, all you have to turn the switch off.

The self-leveling laser can cover easily 4 degrees between self-leveling or slop mode. There is a flash indicator that will alert you if you are off level. The protective IPX5 cover gives resistance over water and dust. The unique feature of this laser level is its shockproof feature within 1 meter. The laser beam supports vertical, horizontal or both. On the other hand, a magnetic bracket comes with the laser that placed on 5/8 inch.

  • It is a time saver tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • It comes with Firecore limited warranty.
  • Protective design.
  • The 2 AA Batteries are not included with a laser level.

This laser level comes with smart pendulum technology which prevents it from damage at the time of transport.  If you want a laser level with some impressive specification and benefit, then picking the Firecore Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser Level will be the right choice for you.

#10 SKIL 8201-CL Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

best laser level under 100

Here is another the best green line laser level. Just like another model of SKIL, this 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is reliable, functional and compact. Moreover, it’s an incredible laser level at an affordable price.

The SKIL 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is mainly a self-leveling device. The laser can create straight lines in three seconds. That means it only needs three seconds for the self-leveling pendulum to produce a straight line. Like other self-leveling lasers, this laser also indicates if the line is not in level. The LED indicator light will automatically become red if it is out of level.

The device has multiple systems for laser-beam projection. So it’s basically up to you, as you set the project in vertical or horizontal lines.  It also can be set in angle lines. So you can place it on the ceiling, floor or around the corner. At 30 feet, you can also get clear project beam. Eventually, it’s a good projection distance at all. On the other hand, for any interior household job, it will be more than enough.

The best part of the laser level is it’s quite easy to use. The laser level comes with a standard tripod. Though it works great for straight angle, the tripod will support to move the laser level in all angles. The additional mount clamp is also an added advantage. Being four mode projection, it makes is far better from rest of the other. Those modes are- horizontal, laser cross-line, vertical and manual.

  • This laser level comes with a tripod.
  • It has versatile application.
  • It supports 120-degree fan angle.
  • Easy installations process
  • The only limitation of this product is the Poor quality tripod.

Overall, this SKIL MT 8201-Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is a quality tool for both large and small projects.

Need Help to Use a Laser Lever? Here Our Guide

Even if you are able to find the best green laser level ever, you still need to know how to use the tool as it is the most important point. The way you handle a tool makes a lot of difference to the effectiveness of the tool. So here is how you can use the laser level in the best possible way.

Set it up in a flat surface

It is very important to set the tool in a place that is absolutely flat.  If you, for instance, put the tool on a cushioned sofa or something then the signal it will create cannot be in a straight line as the product itself will be a little shaky because of the surface.

Make sure that the angle is straight

Now you need to make sure that a laser level in a place that is straight from the wall. The best work is done when the laser level can point out at a 90-degree angle. You can, of course, point out the signal in other angles, but it is always best when it is done in a straight angle.

If it’s not a self-level laser

These days almost all laser levels have the self-level function, but in case it is not, you need to enter the angle manually and then make sure that you used the accurate measures when you set up the laser levels. Start the laser level only when you set it up completely: It means that you put the laser level directly to the wall and you are ready with a small marker to point out where exactly you need to install the shelf, or frame you want to.

Save the battery

Once you can see the signal in a straight line on the wall and you mark the two spots where you will install the furniture or the shelf, mark it with an erasable marker. Now turn the laser level off. If you keep the laser level on all the time then not only you will need to change the battery fast, but it will also shorten the laser level’s lasting time.

For triangles

If you are installing multiple shelves in different angles then first do the straight line one and then go from there. Now here are few points to make sure that your Laser level gives the best and accurate signal every time.

  • Keep the tool clean all the time
  • Do not use old batteries, it can damage the system
  • Always store the product in a cool place
  • Even though the laser level brand says that it is dust and water durable, in order to make it last long keep the
  • product away from both these elements.
  • In case, you have a problem with your Laser level, always contact the people who delivered you the products, not just any hardware guy.

So keep these things in mind and your laser level will give you the best results for years to come. A laser level review of the best laser level cannot be completed without mentioning who these products are most suited for.

Some warnings about using levels

Please do not use the laser level to point out your cars, pets, or any other thing that is not a wall in the house. It is fun to point out things with laser signal, but it can bring really bad results.

You also cannot open the tool and try to repair yourselves as there are chemicals and some of them might be harmful to you.

Another thing you need to remember is that before you start using your laser levels make sure that there is no fire nearby, like gas or stove. If there is something on the product which says do not move the cover, then live it that way.

Last but not the least, you already may know this, but still do not keep food uncovered when you are working with the laser level. Always wash your hands very well after you are done using the laser level.

Final Words

Hopefully, our best laser level reviews will be helpful for you for your next buy. To wrap up this article, we could say there are varieties of high-quality laser out there on the various budget. But, we selected top 10 lasers for you according to their awesome benefit, features, and specification. Furthermore, they are super in functionality as well as great quality at an affordable range, and you don’t have to worry about the quality. Though we finally recommended DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling Line Laser, you can try others.

We also talked about the top rated laser level that you can get in the market. So hopefully this detailed laser level reviews will be able to help you in choosing the best one. Use the product with all the instructions and hopefully you will never have any regrets about using laser level. In the end, we hope you enjoyed our article.

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