The Best Tool Box for The Money In 2019

Having high-quality tools means nothing if you don’t also have a proper toolbox. Check out this article to get the best tool box for the money.

Whether you are a common house owner or a professional mechanic, a good toolbox is always needed. You don’t want to stumble through a mountain of tool to find the one you need at the moment. That is why a toolbox is necessary to keep thing organized and easy to grab.

There are many toolbox styles and brands on the market to fit a variety of customer requirements and tastes. It may make you feel lost but don’t worry, check out the product below to select the best toolbox for the money. Compare them to what you are looking for in a toolbox to make a wise purchase.

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It’s ideal not to always go for the one with the highest price offer many options. Ask yourself how many tools you have and where to put the toolbox when you buy it. Spending money on a product that you can’t fully use is a waste.

If you intend to move the toolbox around, go with something that is compact and got mobility. And if you intend to let it stay in one place and can store many tools, pick a large and sturdy one. At the end of the day, only an appropriate toolbox can effectively fulfill its task and bring you satisfaction.

Top 5 Best Tool Box

1. Classic Series 5-Drawer Roll-Away

A compact product along with nice finish textures, you can hardly find anything with a better look and performance. With 5 drawers of 2 different sizes, this toolbox can pack a lot of stuff. Its manufacturer show a lot of confidence with the product quality through the 10-year warranty

As you put more and more tool in it, this toolbox can still be pushed around with no problem. There is also no need for complicated assembling procedure when you purchase the product. Just attach the handle and bumpers then you can start using the toolbox in whatever you want.


  • Extremely reliable casters that allow easy movement to the left or right
  • Utilizes top of the line steel material for a strong construction and respectable storage weight
  • Possesses key locks to secure the drawers and protect your tools


  • The drawers’ lid may not fully close from time to time
  • Inconsistent quality between products. Some customers complain about receiving damaged goods

2. Craftsman EDGE Series 52 In. 11-Drawer

Produced with durability and smooth operation in mind, this product can please any professional mechanic. Each drawer in this toolbox can be stored with 100 lbs worth of tool and still function perfectly. The presence of a reliable security system consists of metal latches will keep the drawers in place while moving.

If the already high capacity drawers still can’t meet your need, you can always stack it up for additional storage. The toolbox top can be expanded with another chest attachment for an increased load. The 1,200 lbs rated caster of this toolbox will still work fine with the extra weight in that scenario.


  • High storage weight and very strong drawers
  • Durable caster that is sufficient even with a full attachment
  • An assortment of drawer heights to fit any tool shapes and size


  • Quality inspection can use some improvements. Several products are incorrectly assemble
  • The connecting bar of the lock mechanisms can be damaged with a moderate force and completely lock the drawer

3. Viper Tool Storage Rolling Toolbox

Want something to suit your limited floor space? Well this product will be just what you need. Equipped with stainless steel frames and 100 lbs rated slides, you can use the Viper toolbox for years.

The toolbox provides 4 drawers at 3 different sizes, almost all common tools can be put inside. Made to use in tight space, the product can be moved around and function well in the most demanding environment. While light and mobile, the quality of the Viper toolboxes are ensured with innovative constructions and high-quality aluminum.


  • Can be custom fit as customer require
  • Fit well in tight spots and limited spaces
  • Sturdy and reliable locking system to secure the drawers


  • Can only support a limited number of tools due to a rather low storage weight
  • The height cannot be adjusted

4. Plano Molding 1354 Stow N Go Tool Box

A very handy toolbox for people tends to travel around with their tools. It made from plastic so the box is rather light and easy to handle. The size is small enough to fit anywhere from your car trunk to a large desk compartment.

All the trays are clear plastic so you know right away where to look for certain tools and components. You will be provided with dividers to further split the tray into sections if you want to. The maximum number of section can be made with 1 tray is 15


  • Very light to carry and easy to use
  • Robust and impact resistant
  • An excellent way to store small items


  • Can only store a very limited number of tools
  • May break if overloaded

5. Drawer Combination Set by Extreme Tools

This is the toolbox for people with too many tools around. With up to 11 drawers of 5 different sizes and 1 large lifting lid compartment at the top, this product can handle nearly every tool. The ergonomic push handles and efficient casters permit comfortable movement to any directions


  • Large, study and store a lot
  • Modern theft-proof system will keep your tools safe and secure


  • Require assembling beforehand
  • Rather heavy and bulky


And that is pretty much it, quite easy to absorb, right? A toolbox can be said to be of utmost important thing to have around your house. And if you can get the best tool box for the money, you will have much easier time looking for tools when needs arise.

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