Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife Review

Buck 110 folding hunter knife is the greatest series of the Buck Hunter knife company. At first, Buck 110 folding hunter knife released in 1964. Since then it has been the number one choice for thousands of men and women as their favorite folding hunter knife for over 50 years. Eventually, it was the first folding knife that comes incompetently large structure to withstand the strain of some skinning games. Today we come back with buck 110 review that will help you why you need to buy Buck 110 knife.

Moreover, The Buck 110 is a name of one of the best hunting knives that originally made in the USA. And, it is nothing new to say more about the USA made the product, how reliable and realistic they are!

Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Comparatively, Buck folding hunter knife was that time’s most popular knife which only features the lock back mechanism, a look back that is a combination of easy use and maintenance of strength. Additionally, this great high-performance tool released at a very affordable price so that anybody who demands a good, reliable, sharp blade knife can afford it.

  • Knife Model: 110
  • Blade length: 3.5 inches
  • Overall length: 8 inches
  • Closed length: 4.5 inches
  • Knife Size: Straight
  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Blade material: 420HC
  • Country of origin: USA

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Benefits of Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Comparatively, Buck 110 folding hunter knife was that time’s most popular knife which only features the lock back mechanism, a look back that is a combination of efficiently use and maintenance with strength. Additionally, this great high-performance tool released at a very affordable price so that anybody who demands a good, reliable, sharp blade knife can afford it.

buck 110 reviews

Materials & Beautiful Design

The thing at first grab your first attention is 420HC steel blade materials of Buck 110 folding hunter knife. This folding knife features an iconic 3 ¾’’ clip point blade. Whereas the tip of the blade is as like you can call it “Crescent Shape,” where using it you can accomplish any hole punching work. To be brief, the crescent tip adds a graceful look to the blade that compliments its Dymond wood handle very nicely. In that case, it has a long straight portion so that you can easily do food prep, woodworking, and many other aggressive finer works. Many peoples called it an “All-around” pocket knife because of its sturdy handle that Buck 110 keeps unchanged for 50 years.

Buck 110 folding hunter knife bring an amazing revolution of the sea change for cutlery. Further the drop point blade shape of Buck 110, in which the tip of the knife is well dropped. In general, for the betterment of working with the game, it is wise to use less aggressive tip instead of the higher aggressive tip. Because when you are using a less aggressive tip, there exist fewer chances of accidentally puncturing guts as all as fewer chances of spoiling the pelt or meat.

Incidentally, while using this folding knife, you should always be careful. The reason is as long as you are careful; you will find this Buck 110’s blade very useful for a bunch of tasks like as slicing food or cutting up wood. It is corrosion resistant and specially designed for gutting fish, skinning game and other detailed outdoor stuff.

Sturdy, Strong Dymondwood Handle

Not to mention, the Dymondwood handle, the longest part of the knife is the most attractive part of Buck 110 folding hunter knife. It is classic and also aesthetically pleasing. Hence when you fold the knife, you seem its total length is 4 ⅞’’, the size of its handle. In fact, this dymondwood handles make the knife more unique and desirable to the users. Along with, its brass bolsters with the edges smoothed the handles to make it comfortable. Again because of the handle’s smooth texture, you might feel it slippery with wet hands. But the ergonomic design of the handle already shows the control is still there.

Regarding this Buck 110 folding hunter knife is also found that the wood this handle used is Macassar Ebony. Therefore this type of wood is pretty rare these days. As its origin is the remote area of Indonesia from where the wood entirely comes off. Likewise, this type of woods typically used an inexpensive musical instrument and other high-class furniture. Whereas you’ll not find any other knives using this expensive kind of wood, there Buck 110 knife uses in maintaining their quality with this best kind of wood.

Greatest Lockback Mechanism

From the first release, buck 110 review was committed with its first lock back folding to hold its own against fixed knives and with time they also proved their statement. In the introduction of model 110, Buck 110 locking mechanism utilizes a very rare lock back design. Later, following 110, other knives company also started using this mechanism. In all honesty, they are the first leading company who produces such smooth kind of lock back mechanism, which works so intensely.

No doubt, being the competitor, many knife purists will remark you that this type of mechanism does not go with today’s standard. Likewise, in our opinion, our lockback remains one of the strongest locking systems with compare of today’s liner or frame locking mechanism. All you can find in our Buck 110 folding hunter Knife is it is a knife of truly classic and extremely elegant. So finally Buck arranged to craft a knife that looks menacing, tasteful and chic as well.

An elegant Black Leather Sheath

This beautiful Buck 110 folding hunter knife comes with a very elegant black leather sheath. But, sadly saying the leather does not come from America. Rather this black leather sheath is made in Mexico. However, the leather is pretty thick with strong stitching and rivets. Besides, the construction of it is also very much well built. On the positive side of this sheath is its belt loop, which will fit all belts very nicely. In any or either event you will not have to fear for it breaking down with use.

Do you know what the most interesting part of it? Yes, when you are wearing this sheath and walked around with it, no one noticed or even give it a second look. Know why? Because it looks exactly like a cell phone case.

Well, firstly watch out the grip of the buck 110 which is traditionally neutral at all. Probably you will not find a perfect ergonomic here, but ultimately you have to say the ergonomics are much better than other available modern knives. Surprisingly the reverse grip of the 110 is damn pretty to use and comfortable. However, the pinch grip is also above average your count.

buck 110 drop point review

Top Features – at Glance

  • It is a work of art, dymond-wood handle with brass bolsters.
  • It measures close to 5 inches.
  • Originally made in USA or a USA original product.
  • Thus it has a genuine leather sheath, to carry on your belt.
  • Truly an American icon with polished wooden handles, smooth lines.
  • This knife is somewhat weighty, so occupies some space.
  • A great choice for the pocket knife suits perfectly with every red-blooded army guys.
  • Above all, its lock back design gives you the maximum strength and safety.
  • Inexpensive, if you compare the price, you’re another advantage.
  • The knife looks strong and works strong for all kinds of outdoor work.
  • Markedly comes with an unconditional, lifetime warranty.
  • Amazingly, it’s a handy tool, safe to take it anywhere.
  • Comes with the beautiful yet functional design.
  • Indeed well balanced in your hand.
  • The best sturdy and a reliable folding hunting knife.
  • Few people said because of its traditional size; it requires two hands to open.
  • Perhaps it doesn’t seem good enough for them who don’t like a large and heavy one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is it a lock back?

Answer: Yes it is a lock back, not a liner lock.

Question: Does this knife come with a leather sheath?

Answer: Yes, it does a very nice one.

Question: Is the handle wood or laminate?

Answer: It’s wood handle; they are genuine Macassar Ebony Dymondwood handles.

Question: Is this knife made in the USA?

Answer: Yes, this particular knife made in the USA.

Question: What’s the best thing to use to clean the blade?

Answer: Spray it with WD40 and then scrub it with dish scrubber and then wipe it clean.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Buck 110 Folding Hunter Knife is one of the best classic folding knives over time. Therefore this is truly a handy and efficient folding knife, and it works in the best case of self-defense. In consequences, if you choose this folding knife as your perfect EDC pocket knife, you are partially wrong enough. Rather you could not get your expected result from it. With this intention, if you are looking for a reliable folding hunting knife, 110 is exactly like the stuff you are looking for.

So don’t be late. Luckily this time buck 110 review is offering you a great discount as it is available now on many online websites. Thus it is a solid, tough and traditional hunter knife. Therefore, it’s wonderful; and decent quality steel describes. It is also more capable enough of doing big jobs like skinning and other stuff. So don’t delay, dear. Collect yours right now. When thousands of

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