How to Use A Laser Level for Grading?

A Laser level is a handy tool for construction workers and DIY enthusiasts. While the uses of a laser level can vary depending on its capabilities and the person who is are using this tool. The grading is one of the best uses of the laser level. It helps many construction workers to grade the site before they can begin construction on the site. But you should know how to use a Laser Level for grading because without proper knowledge, you cannot do it by yourself.

Understanding the importance of grading, construction workers know that relying on a device that can help them grade accurately, efficiently and quickly can be very helpful. A laser level ensures proper grading so that the surface is perfectly evened out or a slope is created the right way so that water can flow easily from the area.

How to Use A Laser Level

Laser Level Parts for Grading and Leveling

When it comes to establishing perfect grades, there is no alternative to the laser level. The home tool is effective when you are grading a site. Before you know about how to use a Laser Level , you need some accessories for grading a site. Check what you need in below:

Laser Tripod: An effective tripod that stands firmly will be helpful because if you are at a construction site or a building which you are going to renovate then you may have other machinery that may create vibrations, or you may be on the unstable surface. So you must need a laser level tripod.

Grade Rod:  Also known as a leveling rod, it is important for grading, and you have to make sure that the height is right so that you can grade accurately.

Laser Detector:  Laser detectors help in identifying the laser lines when you are working in bright light conditions like when you work outdoors.

When you buy a good laser level, you may end up getting most of these accessories along with it. But if you do not have any of these accessories with the laser level you own or purchased, then you must invest in these before starting to grade a site.

How to Use A Laser Level? Step by Step

So, if you have these laser lever parts or accessories, then you can start to use a laser level for grading. Here some steps that will help you to know about how to use a Laser Level properly. Please follow these steps very carefully.

Step 1:

Make sure you have a good tripod which stands firmly on the ground. If you invest in a low-quality tripod, you may not be able to achieve the same amount of accuracy with your laser level. Make sure you do not have heavy machinery operating at the time when you are going to grade the site because the vibrations caused by the mechanism may create a problem for the tripod and the laser level. For accurate results, make sure that the tripod does not move when the laser level is in use.

Step 2:

Once you tripod has been firmly set on the ground, check for the stability of the tripod and then mount your laser level on the tripod. Once you have mounted it properly, switch on the laser level and allow it a few minutes so that it can level itself if it is a self-leveling laser level. On the other hand, if you use a laser level that requires manual leveling then you must adjust the screws to make sure that the bubbles of the level come to the center.

Step 3:

With the help of an assistant, get the height that you will use for grading the site. This is the most important part of grading a site, so make sure you are careful here. Use a good measuring tape to find out the height of the grade.

Now ask your assistant to place the bottom of the grade rod at the height that you decided for the grade and shoot the laser beam at that point.

How to Use A Laser Level for Grading

Step 4:

Adjust your laser detector so that it connects to the laser beam. You may have to move your laser detector up and down until you hear a constant beeping sound. That is when you have successfully located the beam. If you get an interrupted beep, then you must continue trying to locate the beam.

Step 5:

Depending on the site and the grading you wish to achieve, you will have to set the grade rod at different locations at the site. You will be required to either lift the rod or dig the ground and put it in it to get the original reading that you have decided for the grading.

Step 7:

The bottom of your grade rod indicates the lowest level of the grade itself. Mark the spot with the help of a stick. Then insert the stick into the ground to show the desired height that you wish to achieve for the grading.

Final Words

Grading becomes very important in construction sites, and it is necessary that you follow all the steps to the point to achieve the right grading. After reading this whole article, I hope, you can know how to use a Laser Level for grading but you must be careful when you will do it.

You must also ensure that when you are working outdoors with your laser level, you follow the instructions and rules for using laser levels outdoors and wear safety goggles when using the laser level along with the detector. When you use the laser level by being safe, you end up doing a better job, and you avoid unwanted mishaps with the laser level.

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