Kershaw Blur Review: Buying Guide

Are you looking for a competent, flexible and razor sharp pocket knife? Well, your search ends here! Here we come with Kershaw Blur review. Kershaw Ken Onion Blur combines the best of sharpness and style, offering you a one of a kind penknife that is considered to be the best in the market. From cutting a box open to self-defense, this pocket knife has proved its mettle everywhere. But the overwhelming choice of brands and companies that offer pocket knives can confuse the user. Don’t worry; I present the best of the lot the Kershaw Ken.

The Pocket knives are cool and practical, adding on to your swag immensely. And not to mention its usefulness in case of an emergency, the pocket knives, as the name suggests, can easily fit your pockets. Kershaw Blur Knife is another the best folding knife which is compact foldable design along with razor sharp blades and other accessories make it a handy tool for traveling.

Picking a pocket knife is quite a personal choice, something like choosing a wallet. The frame and construction of the knife must be competent to your requirement and complement your style perfectly. Read on to know more about this amazing pocket knife in the Kershaw Blur reviews below:

Kershaw Blur Folding Knife

Pocket knives were used ever since the first century by the Romans, but they gained the maximum popularity in the late 16th century and were especially popular among the newly formed American colonies. It also was a pretty useful tool in the world wars and has continued to be consistent kitchen equipment even in the modern society. Today, pocket knives are much more advanced than the yesteryears. They are equipped with sharper blades and better features that make pocket knives a handy tool that one can carry anywhere.

Now, the Kershaw Blur is among the finest pocket knives introduced in the market. It all started in the year 1974 when Kershaw commenced its journey and gradually rose up to be among the top players in the knife market. Kershaw is known for introducing revolutionary techniques that have set new standards for excellence among its peers. For instance, the “speed safe” technology is among the many unique ideas that Kershaw brought on to the table.

And the Kershaw Ken Onion Blur was designed by an award-winning knifemaker Ken Onion from Hawaii. He has incorporated the best of sharpness and aesthetic appeal to produce a knife that is not only efficient but one that also compliments the user.

Almost half a century has passed, but Kershaw Ken Onion Blur remains at the peak of its glory. Planning to buy one for your kitchen and day to day activities? This comprehensive round-up will make your journey a cakewalk. Without further beating around the bush, let’s jump into the main section.

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Kershaw Blur Review: The Best Knife

The Ken Onion Blur is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to the external framework and design. It looks the same as any normal pocket knife with its huge and slightly hunched Sandvik 14C28N blade that is tailor-made for slicing and piercing some surfaces. Other than that, you also get a DLC aka diamond-like carbon coated blade that adds on to its charm. The 4.3-inch frame can easily fit your palm; it is neither too large nor too small, just a perfect fit for users who want a competent yet compact pocket knife.

The Kershaw Blur reviews though lightweight is tactfully made for some heavy duty cutting and slicing action. And the smart flip style opening system is pretty cool yet absolutely safe. The 0.12 inch or 3 mm blade and a tanto blade- both have an average size and offer excellent swing and potential. Other than that, there is an extensive variety of attractive handle colors that you can choose from.

The commercial grade aluminum handle is scratch resistant and features a trac-tec grip technology that prevents any kind of slipping. You even get the option of choosing between a smooth blade and a serrated one. And if you want more, you can always check out the advanced models of Blur that offer a carbide coated handle that best for breaking glass in emergency situations.

kershaw speedsafe review

What’s So Special about Kershaw Blur?

As mentioned before, kershaw ken onion blur review is considered to be among the best pocket knife manufacturers in the world. The use of smart and innovative technology along with a practical yet simple operation is what makes Kershaw a rage in the global market. From the durable blades to the versatility of action and powerful framework everything about this pocket knife is perfect!

But what sets Blur products apart from other similar knives is not its efficiency of operation but the SpeedSafe opening technology that was originally introduced by Kershaw. This technology dictates the opening and closing of the blade. You can easily open the device by pushing a button and close it with just a simple flip. Also, the torsion bar and liner lock mechanism only add on to the overall security of the equipment.

General Features Offered by Ken Onion Blur

The Kershaw Leek and Blur is replete with many technologically advanced features that only enhance the functionality of this pocket knife. Some of the technical specifications and general features offered by this pocket knife are mentioned below:

The SpeedSafe Opening System

The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur can be opened with just a push of a button. This smart opening system saves a lot of time and ensures safety as well. This technology is popularly known as the SpeedSafe technique that assists you in opening the knife properly.

The Inner Liner Lock

The inner liner lock refers to the placement of a thin strip of steel along with the interior of the knife’s handle. This ensures greater flexibility as you now get a slimmer, lighter and sharper knife without compromising on the sturdiness and safety of the knife.

Reversible Pocket Clip

Thanks to the reversible pocket clip feature, you can now change the position of the knife easily. There are holes drilled on the handle that allows you to change the position of the tip and the base of the device (i.e., use it horizontally or vertically) as per the requirement.

kershaw blur s30v review

Advantages Offered by ​Kershaw Ken Onion Blur

With its sturdiness of design and powerful cutting action, Kershaw Blur is every knife enthusiast’s best friend. It’s surprising how the Kershaw Ken Onion Blur offers so many advantages at such affordable rates! Let us look into some of the advantages offered by this pocket knife:

Tough and Versatile

The Kershaw Ken Onion Blur is one pocket knife that can be used for slicing bread and also cutting cardboard boxes and breaking windows! With such unique versatility of action and tough framework, Kershaw is undoubtedly an extremely useful tool that can be used anytime anywhere. The set of compact blades with carbide coating come in a foldable framework that can be concealed easily.

A Reliable Cutting Action

The soft grip ergonomic handle and aluminum coated framework of the pocket knife are powerful and stable. Also, the stainless steel blades are pretty durable and won’t lose their sharpness and luster anytime soon. You can trust Kershaw Blur to cut through even the toughest of material or protect you from any untoward attack in the dead of the night.

Safety and Speed

Perhaps the best thing about Kershaw pocket knives is its smart SpeedSafe opening technology that prevents any injury. This is because the flip and slide design keep your hands well protected ensuring they don’t get anywhere near the blades. Even the additional torsion bar keeps the handle sturdy and hence reduces the chance of accidents tenfold.

Aesthetic Appeal

The Kershaw Blur is a pretty but sharp pocket knife. The 3.4-inch framework is decent enough to fit your palm while the shiny blades can be opened with just a flip. Also, the handle is tough yet attractive. You can choose from a list of colors such as blue, red, golden, green and other for the handle.

Final Verdict

Over the years Kershaw has launched a variety of pocket knives, hunting knives, sachets and pocket knives that have been pretty popular brand among knife enthusiasts. The elegant framework and advanced technology features in Kershaw knives cannot be found anywhere else.

After reading our Kershaw Blur review, you know why this is the best knife. The Ken Onion Blur is another of Kershaw’s models that has further boosted its reputation in the market. A pocket knife that delivers the best of speed and accuracy, This pocket knife is a beloved model among both amateur and professionals. With its durable and dependable functionality and pleasing frame, Kershaw blur is a profitable investment.

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