Performance Tool Torque Wrench Review

Possibly the best way to secure the nut or bolt properly is to use a good torque wrench. Simply speaking, torque wrenches are the most convenient tools when something needs to be tightened perfectly. As we all know, if you use regular wrenches, you are always risking getting the bolt damaged and that may possibly lead to some safety hazards. However, with a proper and suitable torque wrench, you will be able to tighten any nut or bolt to the exact point where it will stay in its place without being damaged.

Since you are now familiar with the main function of a torque wrench, we will present our Performance Tool Torque Wrench Review which will definitely provide you with many benefits. Not to mention, this wrench is absolutely wonderful when it comes to doing some demanding jobs.  Now, let’s see exactly what does this bad boy has in store for you.

Performance Torque Wrench Reviews

Who might use Performance Tool Torque Wrench

Before we start with the features and advantages of Performance Tool Torque Wrench, first we need to answer a couple of questions like ‘’who can use this wrench?’’ or ‘’how can I benefit from it?’’. Well, this wrench is made to do any type of the job you want. Therefore, everyone with a little bit experience in the field of using wrenches can use this amazing wrench. Also, since this wrench is not that heavy and sturdy, there should not be any complications in the whole process of using it.

Never the less, many people that work as an auto mechanics or plumbers are using this exact wrench for their own jobs. Also, there is a pretty convenient ABS storage case which will protect this wrench from any type of unwanted damages.

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Highlighted Features of Performance Tool Torque Wrench

Now, we are going to say something more about the features that the wrench is equipped with. It is important to know that every feature is making this wrench valuable and possibly the best out there. Let’s see.

Heavy-duty materials

First of all, the Performance Tool Torque Wrench is made out of the finest and the most durable steel which will provide many years of service. Next, the finish of this wrench is chrome which makes it beautiful and pretty convenient for any type of the job. The importance of a good and durable material is huge. Therefore, this wrench is definitely one of the most durable wrenches out there.

Anyhow, since this wrench is made out of the stainless steel, you can expect it to be pretty durable and pressure-resistant as well.

Outstanding torque range

Now, possibly the most important part of any wrench is its torque range. The Performance Tool Torque Wrench is providing a wide torque range that goes from 100 to 600 foot pound which is absolutely amazing. This is the reason why many auto mechanics use this wrench as their favorite one. You can basically use it for any kind of a job and it will never let you down, we guarantee it. Therefore, this wrench is pretty popular when it comes to some demanding and hard job.

Never the less, with the amazing range of 100 to 600 foot pounds, you can definitely expect this torque wrench to work perfectly.

Engraved body

Most of the torque wrenches use a laser marked scale to show information about the job, but not this one. Our Performance Tool Torque Wrench has an engraved body which means that you can clearly see every type of information that you need about the job on the body of the wrench. This scale is engraved slightly above the handle and it shows exactly the right information.

This is pretty reliable since if you have a laser scale, which is digital, it can be broken or it can show different numbers. However, with the engraved scale, you will be rest assured that you will get all the right information from the torque wrench.

Solid accuracy

The most important part of any torque wrench is its accuracy. Now, our Performance Tool Torque Wrench is already setup and it has pretty great accuracy which is 4% +/- that meets the manufacturer’s standards for the torque wrench.

You don’t have to worry about any complications when it comes to the accuracy of the torque wrench since this wrench is definitely reliable and trust-worthy.

Performance Tool Torque Wrench Reviews

Pros and Cons of Performance Torque Wrench

Now, let’s see all the good and all the bad things that best describe this wrench.

  • Heavy duty ABS storage case included.
  • Left/Right hand compatible.
  • Solid materials.
  • Professional grade ¾.
  • Reversible clicker torque wrench.
  • Easy to read (shows foot-pound or Newton-meter).
  • Not that comfortable handle.
  • A little bit heavy with a sturdy design.

Solid Substitutes for our Torque Wrench

Here are some great wrenches that can be used as a substitute for our wrench over here.

1. Performance Tool W31110

You can expect this wrench to be as good as the Performance Tool Torque Wrench which is already pretty great. There are lots of great things equipped on this wrench which will ease the whole process of using it on any type of the job. Also, this one is preferable for a little bit heavier and complicated jobs.

2. Performance Tool M203 3/4 Drive Torque Wrench

Now, with this wrench, you can definitely accomplish exactly the same result as with the Performance Tool Torque Wrench that we were just describing. The main difference is that this one is used for a little bit less complicated jobs that don’t require that wide torque range since this one goes from 50 to 300 feet pounds. Therefore, you can use this one as a substitute for our Performance Tool Torque Wrench and get the same result.


Having a good torque wrench means a lot, especially if you do depend on it. Most of the hard-working men use this wrench to do their daily jobs and they love how good and valuable this wrench actually is. Never the less, we have said everything that you need to know about this wrench in order to get the full insight. Now, it is only up to you to decide whether will you get it and make your tightening job easier.

Anyhow, you can rest assured that our Performance Tool Torque Wrench Review will provide nothing but good work and even better experience for anyone who uses it.

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