Pocket Knife Brands: Choose The Best Brand

When you are looking for a perfect EDC knife, you should look which top pocket knife brands it belongs. Brands are matters for various purposes. For example, not all brands are good for making multiple tools consisting pocket knives which are commonly known as Swiss knife. If you want to buy a perfect swiss army knife, you have to go Victorinox not Spyderco or Cold Steel Recon.

Different kinds of pocket knife brands are famous for their particular type of creation. On the other hand, pocket knives are varying regarding its design, materials, and engineering. So you should have that piece of work that is willing to take any work as your requirement.

Top 15 Pocket Knife Brands 2019:

We have lists some best pocket knife brands that you should look for in a pocket knife. Have a look below.

1. Benchmade Knives

Our recommended- Benchmade Hunt 15031-2 North Fork Folding Knife, Benchmade Hunt 15080-2. Banchemade is one of the favorite brands who can make happy any level of customers. Since 1988 they have started their journey with one primary goal to create and craft the best knives ever, and in this present time, we can agree with them.

The headquarter of the company is situated in Oregon City, and they are work mostly in folding pocket knives. The Griptilian, very first addition of Benchmade is highly lauded in the everyday carry knives for its stability and longevity. If you don’t care about budget and want to collect the best knife ever, you should go for Benchmade knives.

2. SOG Knives

Our recommended- SOG Aegis, SOG Folding Knife.

SOG Knives have interesting story related the Vietnam War. During this war, MACV-SOG was a highly classified special ops unit, and their soldiers carried a unique type of combat knife for the war. This specialized knife becomes the brand of the company, and they started to recreation and production of it under SOG name.

In the present, they are also product some super tactical blades like Navy SEAL’s knives, or every day carries knives, hunting, outdoors and industrial knives. They also provide some full and evolving line of all-purpose served folding knives for everyday carrying. For more aggressive pocket knives you can choose the SOG without any hesitation.

3. Kershaw Knives

Our recommended- Kershaw Blur, Kershaw 1660 Ken Onion Leek Assisted 3″ Bead Blast Plain Blade.

Here another company was started their journey to become an individual brand, Kershaw began its journey after leaving the previous company. A salesman of Gerber Legendary Gear opened a cutlery company, Kershaw Knives in 1974. The owners and former salesman Pete Kershaw established this brand as a high quality but inexpensive folding knives among every available brand.

Most of the knives from this brand is features of SpeedSafe the assisted-opening deployments specialty. Knives like Ken Onion, Rick Hinderer, and Ernest Emerson, etc. the example of custom designed knives. Infect Kershaw has a penchant of custom designer knives. So if you want some specially designed quality knives in the minimal price, you will definitely like this brand.

4. Spyderco Knives

Our recommended- Spyderco Delica4, Spyderco Advocate.

Spyderco knife is one of the top brands of pocket knives who are research and develop their blade martial to make it unbeatable quality. Not only has the steel they have also improved the handles materials. That is why all the model of this brand is easy to use, open and fit comfortably in your hand. Most of the one handed open which excellent save time and go for quick action. Beside they come with pocket clip or belt clip for easy carrying.

5. Boker Knives

Our recommended- Boker plus Anti-MC Folding Knife, Boker Lockback Hunter Folding Knife.

We think Boker is the dark horse of among all the folding knife brands but don’t get the actual credit that they deserve. They have made incredible blades which are storing, sharp and durable. Boker has quite a rich and long history themselves. It founded in the 17th century in Germany when it was a small-end tool shop only. But during the World War II, their factory in Sölingen was destroyed. In 1956 it as rebuilt and now they are making a broad range of cutting equipment for EDC to hunting blades including the kitchen cutlery. Boker is the very first brand of making ceramic blades folding knives which also give them a special place in the folding knife industry.

6. Brous Blades

Our recommended- Bionic Flipper, Silent Soldier Neck Knife, Vendetta Flipper.

Those who are fond of some unique shape or edge of blades will love this pocket knife brand. Brouse blades have some cute story about their journey. Who’s knew the founder Jason Brous‘s effort of knife making in his early 20’s could change the vision in the shape of pocket knives. Before starting his own business on knife making, he has ten years of experience in CNC machining in his father’s shop. This store was well known for custom machining of high-precision components in different sectors especially in the medical industry. So, in that time Brous spent a lot of time with his father’s shop growing up, and in his mid-teenage, he directly cooperates with him in the production. All this knowledge and passion about making knives encourage him to start a new line of EDC knives.

Brous Blades are also perfect for hunting or work as an enthusiast. The best folding knife brand Brous is inspired by “Bio-mechanical” art concept. It’s a unique combination of machine, robotics with organic animal features. Brous’s favorite a favorite artist, a Brazilian painter, and tattooist named Lango to practice this particular type of art. As a matter of fact even the simplest model of this brand look different compare than any other pocket knives. You will find lots of verity under this name for getting the right one for yourselves.

7. Buck Knives

Our recommended- Buck 055 Folding Hunter, Buck Bones.

The first Buck knife was created by Hoyt Buck who was as trying to invent some different hunting knives available in that’s time. He used to temper steel to make this blade with some edge specialization. His quality product and techniques were stood still in a chord with his fellow hunters and other outdoorsmen. Gradually it becomes one of the best American heritages hunting knife brand among the world. One of their old models 110 is the top most successful and oldest knife due to its quality, materials, and durability. Its might not too fussy, but it’s the reliable one for any type of hunting.

8. Case Knives

Our recommended- Case Christmas Collection, Case Knives John Wayne Series, Kentucky Bluegrass Bone.

Case knives have all the must-have pocket knife service that you may look for. The knives they provide mostly come with single of multiple blades some are included with tools also. They also offer some fixed blade knives which are mostly good for hunting. Case knife which was also known as W.R case & Sons Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand- crafted pocket knives. Infect they are working from generation to generation and still know they are making quality folding or fixed blade with their unique style. They are offering you trapped knives, canoe pocketknife models and some other models which virtually fit any of your need.

9. Chris Reeve Knives

Our recommended- Ti-Lock, Mnandi, Green Beret.

The best quality and superb performance make the Chris Reeve knives are different from any other pocket knives brands. Being the strong working tools, Chris Reeve knives are also best in price and longevity. You will like all its lightweight and innovative pocket knives on a different level of working. All they have been through some different but challenging test and turned out all of them are uniquly designed, has top quality steel, sophisticated machining and hand crafting with modern and classical style features.

10. CRKT Knives

Our recommended- CRKT M16, CRKT Acquisition.

COLUMBIA RIVER KNIFE & TOOL COMPANY of CRKT knives is one of the top brands of folding knife community. This brand earned their place in the elite group with their quality product. Their knives are straightforward in design, no excessive technical facility but ideal for using as EDC. But now they are improvising their models and so hopefully the community going to have some interesting knives in recent time. And you will be pleased to hear; designer Ken Onion is going to design all these upcoming pockets knives.

11. Emerson Knives

Our recommended- Emerson Bulldog, Emerson ETAK Tactical Assault Knife.

Emerson knives are most loyal brand among the folding knife community. The reason behind this loyalty is their best quality blades and of course the price tag. All the Emerson knives are proudly made in the USA. This brand founded in 1996 y Ernest Emerson who is also a most respected and sought after hand to hand combat instructor. You will find almost all type of everyday carrying knife within budget. But remember, you will get what you will pay for.

12. Gerber Knives

Our recommended- Gerber 31-000754 Bear Grylls Scout Folding Knife, Gerber 06 FAST Assisted 3.8″ Black Tanto Combo Blade.

Don’t think it’s the same brand of baby food you may have seen in the baby aisle in supermarkets. The Gerber Gear is famous names for making quality knives, tools for more than ten decades. They started their journey in 1939 in Portland, Oregon and their unabashed desired to innovate something new and exciting. They work with the combination of high-quality materials for blades, so it becomes most sturdy and sharp even after years of use. This brand suits every people both long term of sort terms use as weekend warrior, enthusiast or hunter.

13. Victorinox Knives

Our recommended- Swiss Army Boy Scouts of America, Swiss Army Ambassador, and Swiss Army Cybertool.

You may not be familiar with the brand name Victorinox but certainly with their world famous creation. Yes, this is the name of the most famous product in the world the Swiss Army Knife. It’s earned its name for being the official knife of the Swiss military.

This brand name is made with the combination of two names. One ‘Victoria’ the name of founder’s mother and ‘Inox’ the French word for stainless steel. This company started their journey in 1884, and since then they are making multiple types of pockets knives for everyday carrying. This is the brand which assures you the ling lasting pockets knives in all price range.

14. Hogue Knives

Our recommended- Hogue EX04 Folders, Hogue EX02 Folders.

Hogue is a Japan-oriented company which founded in 1968 and has grown into the top most pocket knife brands in the pocket knife industry. Before 2009 they were working on the regular fixed blade or folding knives, but that year they started with well-known custom knife maker Allen Elishewitz to develop a fresh product line of pocket knives.

These new model are mostly high-end cutlery tools. These folding knives are the great combination of elegant design and practical features that you will like most.

15. Microtech Knives

Our recommended- Microtech Ultratech, Microtech Socom Delta, Microtech DOC Death on Contact.

Microtech Knvies stated their journey in the year 1994 with a simple mission with making the best possible knives we thing there succeeds on it. Sickness now they are providing the extremely high-quality knives which are entirely different from any other brands. Anthony Mafione, the founder of this brand, ensures that every customer will have the best quality knives within their price range. You will get here extremely close tolerance dare looking blades in your price range.

Final verdict

We hope this review will guide you to your best pocket knife, just make sure they also meet some other feature like warranty, seethe, etc. feature too. Rather than researching all the brands available in the market you can see all the top brands in one chance in here. So, look careful and choose wisely your ideal pocket knife among one of this best pocket knife brands.

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