Tekton Torque Wrench Review

Whether you’re a mechanic by profession or just like messing with your plumbing you need a decent torque wrench. Torque wrenches allow you to tighten your fasteners to just the right levels of tightness so you wouldn’t overexert the bolts and nuts. And if you’re in need of one, we’ve got a great wrench right here; welcome to our Tekton Torque Wrench review!

About Tekton Torque Wrench

Tekton torque wrench is a very versatile product, which allows it to adapt too many situations. Tekton is simple and reliable and will work well with cars, bikes, plumbing, and anywhere where you need to tighten a fastener that doesn’t require a whole lot of pressure and a high-tech hydraulic torque wrench. As to who should use it? Well, pretty much anyone and everyone who needs one, and doesn’t plan on doing some heavy-duty, industrial-grade fastening.

Like we said, Tekton Wrench is simple to use and reliable, which is definitely why you should use this product. It’s got excellent features (more on them in the next section), it’s pretty affordable and handles very well.

Tekton Wrench Reviews

Should You Consider Using Tekton Wrench?

Well, it speaks for itself! The handle sits in your hand reasonably well, and all the markings are easy to read. The nut on the bottom of the handle screws and unscrews without you having to have the strength of a gorilla, and the tool is pretty accurate as well (+/- 4%). Tekton also has excellent customer service, and it’s a real pleasure to deal with them. They back their tools, and will send you a replacement immediately in case of failure.

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Top Features and Benefits of Tekton Torque Wrench

Alright, time to tell you what the Tekton Torque Wrench is all about. For starters, this is a click type torque wrench. Now, let’s see exactly what this wrench has in store for you.


It’s made entirely of steel to ensure no part breaks off when you’re working with it. The high-contrast dual-range scale is easy to read, even if you’re working in low light conditions, which will be greatly useful. As we said, it has a +/-4% accuracy calibration right out of the box, so you don’t have to bother calibrating it on your own. However, if you wish to calibrate it, you can do so, as the wrench comes with a hole for calibration. It can exert torque of 13.6-203.5 Nm or 10-15 ft.-Ibs, and you can see both scales, one on either side of the wrench.

High-quality reversible ratchet

One of the best things about Tekton 24335 is that it has a reversible ratchet. This allows you to screw and unscrew fasteners when you need to. There is a simple switch on the head – flip it, and you’ve changed direction to your liking. The ratchet is also a 24-tooth one. The product comes in a neat and sturdy plastic box for easy shipping and storage.

Pretty Affordable

As for the price, the wrench is quite affordable. However, you also have some slightly more expensive options here on Amazon, so you can with some additional stuff. You can buy this wrench with a 4-piece adapter set, and you can get a torque wrench/breaker bar combo set, for when you need to loosen some fasteners, which is the most expensive.

User experiences

As for some of the problems associated with the wrench tools, a lot of customers have received either faulty or banged up and dirty products. However, most of these problems were rectified after a brief phone call with the customer service. We ourselves noticed that the barrel gets a little hard to turn at high Nm settings, but it gets a bit easier after some use. Also, the +/-4% accuracy is perhaps a little wide a range, as the wrench can be some 5-6 Nms off, which might be a little bit of a problem if you’re trying to tighten a fastener with exact fastening requirements.

Pros and Cons of the Tekton

Let’s see some of the main pros and cons that definitely talk a lot about our Tekton.

  • Easy to operate with.
  • Valuable asset to have – affordable.
  • Made out of the high-quality stainless steel.
  • Features reversible ratchet.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Barrel is a little bit hard to turn sometimes.

Tekton Torque Wrench Review

Alternative Products for You:

Here are some of the wrenches that are quite good and pretty good substitutes to the Tekton Wrench. Let’s see them.

1) Tacklife Torque Wrench

This one is simply great when it comes to the demanding jobs. Namely, it has all the needed features for you to do the job perfectly and with ease. Also, the Tacklife Torque Wrench is pretty reliable and precise. Anyhow, you definitely won’t go wrong with this one since it holds pretty good value for the cash and it is easy to operate with.

2) EPAuto Drive Click Torque Wrench

Something that best describes this wrench is definitely its durability and easy-to-operate features. Simply, the durable ratchet head will ensure that this wrench delivers nothing but good-quality work. Also, this wrench is corrosion-resistant which makes him great for fixing water-related stuff.

Anyway, since it’s pretty simple and reliable choice, we definitely recommend this one as a substitute to the already great Tekton Torque Wrench.

Final Recommendation

So, would we recommend Tekton torque wrench? Definitely. We said it a million times in Tekton torque wrench review that it handles well, it’s well made, easy to use and very reliable. Sure, it’s not the most accurate wrench out there, but it’s to be expected from a munition-grade wrench.

On top of that, it won’t burn a hole in your wallet, even if you opt to buy the 4-piece set and the breaker (which we recommend if you don’t already own a breaker). Overall, Tekton Torque Wrench is an excellent product, and it’s very much worth your time.

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